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Why Dress Dogs?

Why dress dogs?

“The Painter’s Wife” is committed to the welfare of dogs, therefore we consider it absolutely necessary to inform you about when and how we can dress our dogs according to their breed and physical characteristics, from a responsible perspective.

It is obvious that not all dogs are morphologically the same. There are multiple variations that are the result of an adaptation to the environment in which its breed originated.

The genetics of each dog determines that they have a type of coat that allows them to adapt to different extremes of environmental conditions. However, today the reality is, that fundamentally in an urban environment our companions live under our roof with very comfortable temperatures. They have undergone such variations with respect to their ancestors that they would be unable to adapt to the environmental peculiarities that originated their race.

The sudden change of temperature that a dog undergoes when leaving its warm home to the street on a cold winter’s day can be very aggressive for our companion. Small dogs and puppies are more sensitive to these sudden changes, as they are more likely to lose body temperature more quickly. In the case of elderly dogs, there are medical reasons that encourage us to protect them from the intense cold, because their defences are no longer as efficient and can weaken or become sick. In addition, if they suffer from age-related diseases such as osteoarthrosis, their pain could worsen. A coat or sweater is a good protection from the cold.

During summer months, we shouldn´t overdress our dogs, as it could cause them to accumulate too much heat, but a light T-shirt could protect dogs from sun damage especially those with short hair.

On rainy days, dogs should continue to be walked. Protecting them with a raincoat will avoid excess dirt and dampness on their skin, in addition to avoiding the hassle that owners have to go though to clean and dry their companion on return home.

During moulting season, in addition to regular brushing, a T-shirt will decrease the amount of hair scattered around the house. It is a time when the skin is more sensitive and it is advisable to protect them against possible injuries from cold, sun, rain or scrapes.

For dogs suffering from a wound, or an infectious-contagious dermal disease, the use of a textile garment can assist the prescribed veterinary treatments by helping to avoid scratches, scrapes or blows.  The clothes also protect the dog´s skin from parasites, bacteria and allergens.  The clothes will help to prevent the spread of infectious agents by decreasing the likelihood of infection.

If you have an allergic dog, you can protect it with a quality textile garment as it will act as a barrier, reducing the amount of allergens that will come into contact with its skin.

Avoid dressing your dog if you notice that it feels uncomfortable or its clothes alter its normal emotional state. If your dog has very delicate skin there may be some form of rejection in the form of skin reactions. Large dogs may be uncomfortable whilst being dressed because they require a larger range of movement.

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