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How Do We, TPW, Want Our Clothing To Be?

How do we, TPW, want our clothing to be?

At The Painter’s Wife we want our garments to ensure the well-being and safety of your pets. To achieve this, all our garments must full-fill our objectives:

  • They must adapt to the type of life and functionality of the animal.
  • They must be comfortable and allow a wide freedom of movement, avoiding chafing or other injuries.
  • They should leave enough space for the animal´s skin to breathe.
  • They must allow their lavatory needs to be met, unobstructed and efficiently.
  • They will be of the adequate size and will be made with quality fabrics that avoid infections and allergies, resistant and without loose pieces that the dog can swallow.
  • They must be easily washed, in order to remove dirt and dust mites.

If your dog refuses any garment, do not force him/her to wear it.

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