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The dog on the beach: risks and tips

The beach is a great place to share with our dogs. It provides many benefits: they can run in large spaces, swim and play. To fully enjoy a day at ...

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Types of dog coats

In our previous post, we learned that there are two types of hair that, combined in the same follicle, characterize the coat of the dog. Let’s see now how to ...

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The Dog’s Hair

As you know, the welfare of our dogs is essential to TPW. That is why we would like this blog to serve as a point of information and consultation for ...

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How do we, TPW, want our clothing to be?

At The Painter’s Wife we want our garments to ensure the well-being and safety of your pets. To achieve this, all our garments must full-fill our objectives: They must adapt ...

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Why dress dogs?

“The Painter’s Wife” is committed to the welfare of dogs, therefore we consider it absolutely necessary to inform you about when and how we can dress our dogs according to ...

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What’s The Painter’s Wife?

About us We are a specialist in contemporary art and fashion and a veterinarian who found Pepa, our dog, in March 2015. She had been abandoned in the parking lot ...

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