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The Painter’s Wife is inspired by all those artists who have shown respect and admiration for dogs throughout history. We have mixed our passion for art with the animal world to create a unique brand


An inseparable companion of brilliant minds, the dog has featured prominently in the lives of numerous characters and artists throughout history.
All our garments take names of artists who have inspired us along the creative process. With an eclectic, contemporary, fresh approach, our “arty” and coloristic style is
our hallmark, our essence.

Our values

1. Well-being of our pets: We work to ensure that our products -made with the finest materials- are functional and comfortable for the animals while fully respect their needs and morphology.


2. Commitment to our social environment: We are constantly taking part in projects and local initiatives related to animal integration and welfare. 


3. Opting for our roots: Based in north-western Spain on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, we work with local suppliers and artisans to develop a sustainable and environmentally responsible production.

The dog is and has been a loyal companion for creatives minds, some are known while others are waiting to be discovered

Our brand’s name, The Painter’s Wife, is our personal tribute to all the brilliant women behind talented artists, many of them were also artists who did not have recognition for their work over the course of history.