Dogs are loyal companions to those with passionate and creative minds. The Painter’s Wife is inspired by all those artists who have shown respect and admiration for dogs throughout history. We have mixed our passion for art with the animal world to create a unique brand.

At TPW we are #MORETHANDOGS. With an eclectic, contemporary and fresh approach, we have aligned our philosophy and the needs of modern-day owners with the canine lifestyle.

Our “arty” and coloristic style is our hallmark, our essence. All our garments, produced with the highest-quality materials, take names of artists who have inspired us along the creative process.

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Our brand’s name, The Painter’s Wife, is our personal tribute to all the brilliant women behind talented artists, many of whom were also artists who did not have recognition for their work over the course of history.

Founded by a veterinarian and a specialist in contemporary art, we are currently present in more than 40 locations in 18 countries across Europe, Asia and the USA.

Our Values:

1. Committed to Our Dog

Our production team, led by a veterinarian, works so that each one of our products, made with the finest quality materials, are functional and comfortable for the animal, while respecting their needs and morphology.

2. Committed to the Environment

We cannot consider ourselves to be a 100% sustainable brand, but we actively strive to minimize our environmental waste. Since 2020, we have introduced materials such as recycled polyester from marine waste and organic cotton into our main collections. Eighty percent of our products are made nearby, which allows us to reduce the environmental impact of our logistics. Additionally, we promote the responsible use of the products that are high-quality for both dogs and humans with resistant materials and are designed to last.

3. Committed to Our Community

We actively collaborate with local organizations that develop animal-assisted therapy programs with dogs for children and the eldery.

4. Committed to Our Location

Located in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula and on the Atlantic Ocean, we mainly work with nearby vendors and local artisans in order to develop a km0 production, so we can be sustainable and responsible about the environment.

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